Are you a steward of sustainability?

1) You get a 30% federal tax credit as soon as you invest with us and the solar installation is completed. An additional tax benefit of ~30% is realized during the first 6 years through an accelerated depreciation tax shield. These two tax benefits of ~60% do not depend on receiving cash flow from the energy user (property owner). The remaining 40% of your investment will be reduced by the revenue generated from the Property Owner, buying electricity from us.

2) The sale of electricity for a fixed rate to the property owner generates a long-term revenue stream.

3) Over the years we learned which constellations, contractual clauses and products work and which raise red flags with banks and other financial institutions involved. We have the experience to navigate this complex landscape, avoid pitfalls, and complete projects. Our package of legal documents we developed is bulletproof and bankable.

4) You don’t have to invest in just one project. Your investment can be spread out over several installations. We diversify and reduce your and our risk.

Another component of our risk management strategy is to engage vetted and tested local partners, components and system designs. Plus we have a strong team to support you and we make all our decisions transparent with complete project finance support and solutions including documentation, presentation and financial modeling.

5) We work with experienced local installers. They are great advocates for SunforceSolutions in their community as they are part of the social fabric. With our partner a U.S. based and internationally experienced engineering and procurement company in the background we enable them to confidently embark on more and bigger projects by providing support with engineering, design, and selection of components

6) The household sized solar market is well developed already. On the other extreme there are utility sized systems which entail massive investments.
We target the underdeveloped medium sized market. This segment is underdeveloped due to its various customer types and one-off investment character. We provide the solution to unlock its virtually unlimited potential.

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